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I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their careers. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!


Lauren is a former colleague of mine and I can honestly say that this lady will ROCK your world.

We worked together for a few years, where myself being in the Safety Department and Lauren as Snr Geologist, but even though we were in two different departments and working together she changed my world. 

Being at a stage of my career and personal journey where I needed that upliftment and even now about a year later needing that upliftment and assistance again. This lady stepped in with no questions asked just a matter of How can I help? Where the best way for me the explain is to break it down in key element words taking the word COLLEAGUE as I miss working with her dearly

C-Care -This lady has the deepest caring heart you will get to know.

O-Opportunity -she will always give you an opportunity to self-see how much she believes in you and your work and let you take that opportunity to believe in yourself.

L-Laugh -your day will not be met if you haven’t spoken to her as she will always make you laugh no matter how tough or relaxed your day might be.

L–Listen- she will always listen to you with that caring heart that is non-judgemental but will give you an honest response.

E-Encourage- she will always encourage you to do better, to be the best you can be and would make you want more.

A-Ability -she will remind you that you have the ability to go for it even though you don’t think so and Oh Boy! she will be two steps behind you to keep on reminding you to go for it believe me!

G- Gratitude -she will be thankful for everything you do for her, and she will always return the kindness for you.

U-Uplift -She will move you with her sparkling personality, friendliness and make any day a happy day where she will always want to uplift you.

E-Eagerness - she is’ like a lion eager to rip its prey’ where she is eager to help you no matter how big or small the help might be because it is something that she wants to do.

Therefore, I can honestly say get in touch with her at Gamba Training Solutions to help you on your professional journey from the CV writing to the coaching because like my world she will definitely rock your world!

Megan Menezies

Safety Administrator

Lauren has been an amazing coach. This journey has been the greatest investment in my personal development journey this year. She has helped me unlock value in my life and career by giving me tools to change how I think, how I act, how I treat others and how I treat myself. We took my life and my career and combed through it thoroughly to unlock opportunities for growth and to open way for further growth in my career. Often we do not see the things that stand in our way and Lauren’s approach to coaching provided this clarity for me. I started responding to life instead of reacting to it. And sure enough, life has started responding to me too. In career, and in my personal space. There is noticeable improvements.

These are the small changes that I’ll look back on years from now as the tools that placed me right on track to achieve my ultimate goals in life and career. I’d encourage anyone to try Lauren’s service. She teaches from an experience point of view and she is well versed on all her work. She gives the best feedback and has a great eye for identifying what her clients need when in comes to improvement opportunities

Itumeleng Phalatse

Geology Lecturer

Lauren is more than just a mentor, she always went out of her way to make sure that my training and coaching was up to standard. She is good at even paying attention to the fine details that enable an individual to stand out. To date Lauren has built me into an employable individual due to her extensive training.

Dominic Mathabatha

Geology Graduate

I met Lauren in my first year of work and that was a game changer. Within the first session she listened to my challenges and gave me simple, easy and practical steps to follow to get to a point where I turn challenges into opportunities. Considering her diverse background from Geology to six Sigma, her approach to problem solving applies across industries and disciplines to personal and career related as well. I would call the approach similar to “Mentoring” She acts as a mentor to guide where you need guidance but also allows you, as an Intern, to share what you did not even think you knew. I will always be grateful for everything I learnt and accomplished with and through her.

Thobile Sukazi
Industrial Engineer

Lauren is a former colleague of mine and I can't speak highly enough of her technical skills and ability to work with different people. She has always acted as a great mentor and coach and her willingness to share her "treasure trove" of knowledge is admirable. I will advise any young professional to make use of Lauren's mentoring and coaching program.

GJ Scheepers

Senior Geologist