The Importance of a good CV

Recently I had the opportunity to run a small recruitment drive for a client of mine and the process just emphasized how important it is to have a good CV. Your CV should be able to answer the following questions:

1. Does the candidate meet the minimum requirements for the job?

2. Does the candidate spark enough interest to secure an interview?

Take note, I ask does the candidate meet the MINIMUM requirements for the job, and not ALL the requirements. I think if you meet all the requirements for a job then you are probably overqualified for it or it will bore you. From a line management point of view, I also feel that if your CV generates more questions (not the good type) than answers then it isn't well written.

Remember, depending on which institution you apply at, and how you apply, your CV will need to pass through a number of screens before it even reaches the hands of a line manager. This means that a computer program (Applicant Tracking System) might scan through your CV and look for the keywords in the job advert, then a recruiter/HR will filter results to show which CV's match the job advert the best. At this point, no person has looked at your CV yet, so if you didn't make this cut, it's purely based on how your CV is written and the content it contains.

Then HR will look at the CV's and select those that meet the minimum requirements and that have relevance to the job. They then pass this on to the line manager and they decide who to invite for the interview. Sounds like your CV is jumping through hoops of fire for you... because it is! I could speak for days on this topic, so I made 2 youtube videos about it.

You can check out the videos on my channel here:

The important point I want to say today is that the simpler your CV is to read, the better. Keep it as plain as possible e.g Arial font, 11 font size, word document, bullet points. This is much easier for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to read, as opposed to a pdf with tables, in it. I also encourage my clients to only send a fancy 1-page CV if it is specifically asked for in an advert, OR for certain volunteering opportunities. Every other time, stick to the plain CV.

If you need help with your CV, contact me. Book a Caree Clarification Session and we can talk about your CV and your career:

Until next time, stay safe!

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