Starting off the new year!


We made it through 2021, and I am so grateful to have the privilege to see a new year. It feels like a new beginning, with so many possibilities.

The start of a new year makes me think of full gyms, and fad diets because this is the time when people usually decide to make a fresh start and get their lives in order. And then after a month or two, that enthusiasm disappears and many are back to their old habits. New year's resolutions fly out the window and we go back to "normal". But what resolutions do we make for our careers? and do we stick to it?

If you look back at your career in 2021, did you achieve what you wanted? If the answer is no, then try a different approach this year. Something that doesn't fly out the window in a month's time. Start by setting proper goals! If you struggle then you can use this short video to guide you:

Do yourself (and your career) a favour and start the year differently. Book a free 45min Career Clarification Session with me and we can get you on the right track.

Until next time, stay safe!

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