It's the small things that matter

So, you are probably wondering what is going through my head posting a blog with fizzers as an attachment. Well, today I want to talk about small things that make a big difference even when you are not aware of it. When I was a production geologist I used to carry a lot of snacks in my overall for underground, and one day I decided I'm going to take some fizzers underground. I was speaking to an operator in one of the sections and he was so helpful in answering my questions and generally teaching me about the section, I decided to give him a fizzer. The look on his face was priceless, his eyes lit up and he was genuinely grateful for this very small gesture. I decided to make it a standard to take sweets underground and to the pit and dish them out when I see something good happening.

Now, many people would say that you are paying a fish to swim but we are all human beings and a little recognition goes a long way. In doing this I managed to build a trust relationship without even knowing it. People started greeting me and helping me even when I didn't need any help. It goes beyond sweets. It's a simple as saying thank you and meaning it. It's as simple as getting to know the control room operators' names. Or learning to greet in someone else's home language. I guarantee that these small things make a big difference.

Go out and try it, pass it forward. Ask someone's name, greet everybody, position yourself as someone who people would feel comfortable talking to.

Until next time, stay safe!

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