Get to know yourself

This week I want to talk about getting to know yourself. This is important because the better you understand yourself, the better you can manage your emotions. You will also be able to interact better with other people. That means better interactions with your line manager, your colleagues, management, even your family members and spouse.

How do you get to know yourself? You need to become aware of your feelings in different situations, yes, I said feelings. Think about what makes you really happy and what makes you really sad (in general, and at work). Do you like being around people? or do you prefer to be on your own? Now think about what kind of things trigger you to become very very angry. If you can identify your triggers then you can manage them better. You're also less likely to be caught off guard in difficult situations.

Self-awareness is step 1 of the journey to emotional intelligence, and I spend quite some time with my clients helping them to get to know themselves. Your career will be a whole lot easier, if you know and accept yourself. I hope that you spend some time getting to know yourself and then you can tell me all about it in a Career Clarification Session.

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Until next time, stay safe!

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