Do you have a career mentor or coach?

If you can't answer this question, you are missing out on a world of knowledge and experience. And yes there is actually a difference between a mentor and a coach, even though theses words are used interchangeably. Lets talk about it just a bit.

A mentor shares their knowledge to help develop an individual. The mentoring relationship is usually longer than a coaching relationship, and for the most part, mentoring does not involve any cost. A coach keeps you accountable to your own goals, the coaching relationship focuses on the performance of an individual. The coaching relationship is shorter than a mentoring relationship and for the most part you would pay a coach to guide you.

In my opinion a mentor is like a driving instructor that teaches somebody to drive for the very first time. They know you don't know how to drive and they create that safe space for you to practice in. They also have their hand near the handbrake, just in case you do something dangerous, so that they can stop you before you harm yourself. A coach is like an advanced driving instructor, they already know that you can drive and then they help you take your driving to the next level.

Now back to my original question: Do you have a mentor or a coach? One of these 2 people should currently be in your life or should have recently been in your life. If it's not the case then you could possibly just be going through the motions in your career. If you reflect on the last year or 2, does it make you proud? Did you do the best you could do? Yes, we are literally living through a pandemic but your mentor/coach can actually help you navigate your career through these times.

I urge everyone to get themselves a mentor or a coach. If you are struggling or you need advice, please book your free 45 min Career Clarification Session with me. To book your session, you can click on the button below:

I hope you have a fantastic day and an even better week!

Until next time, stay safe!

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