Diversify your skills

A few years ago I was exposed to a term called "multiskilling" It was a project that was run at the mine whereby operators were trained to operate more than one machine underground. A shuttle car operator could be trained to become an LHD driver also. He/she would have 2 licenses and would be able to operate either machine. It became a big drive and many people were given an opportunity to learn new things etc.

Now, as a geologist, I had my geology honours degree and the experience I had gained as an exploration geologist and a production geologist. I was then given an opportunity to become a lean six sigma black belt, and I did. I then gained experience being a black belt and essentially now I can do either job. Diversifying your skillset is something I suggest you do. You don't have to be "just a geologist" you can be a geologist AND a programmer/accountant/project manager/interpreter. The possibilities become endless and you are then able to think differently and it would be easier for you to fit in at numerous workplaces and industries.

I promise you that diversifying your skills will make you stand out and also prevent you from becoming complacent in your career. I'm sure you don't want to get a 20 year long service award and you've been doing exactly the same thing for all those 20 years. Even specialists hone their skills by researching and benchmarking, just don't fall into the hole of doing the same thing over and over.

If you don't know what a lean six sigma black belt is, it is a person who improves processes by making use of statistics and lean principles (Google it). They typically work in business improvement departments and use the DMAIC methodology to run certain projects.

Drop a comment and let's hear what other skills you would like to acquire.

Until next time, stay safe!

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