About Me

Hi! My name is Laurén Gamba and I help driven geology and mining professionals, to get a promotion, so that they can become top management in future.

I hustled my way through university with bursaries, and then started working at the coal mines as a graduate geologist. I worked hard and peaked very early in my career. I always made sure I had a mentor, and then I became a mentor to junior geologists.

I became frustrated and then changed careers. I started working as a lean six sigma blackbelt and learned so so much. I then mentored industrial engineers. I realized that I'm actually making a difference in people's lives and it felt great!

I made another career change (back into geology) and worked at an opencast coal mine. To say it was a learning curve is an understatement!

Currently I am a career coach but I have a full time job as a Blackbelt manager for a large IT and improvement company. Now I can pass on my knowledge of the mining industry, but most importantly my knowledge of how to be a well rounded leader.

I love working with driven geology and mining professionals because I want to be the coach I wish I had. I want to see others succeed despite their circumstances; and in turn these successful people will mentor others. What an amazing place the mining industry will be!

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